Abat-jour cylindre 20 cm

The lampshades of the Bentley Collection are made of high-quality fabrics from France. The handmade lampshades have clear foil on the inside and are metal wire in matching colors to give the lampshade their perfect shape. The Monkey Coconut color complements your home, adding a warmth and softness that only fabric can provide. The size of the lampshade is h.13, top edge 20cm, bottom edge 20cm. The collection contains soft luxury Velvets and brushed Cottons in great designs and colours.13x20x20 cm
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Description du produit

Produit: Abat-jour cylindre 20 cm
N° art. 11422651
Couleur: Orange
Taille (HxlxP): 13 cm
Materials Fabric
Diameter cm 20