Loupe 26.5x10 cm

This handheld magnifying glass makes an unique decor piece for any desktop or library. The handle has been made of brass and natural bone with brass inlay, handmade by real artisians. The lens helps to enlarge even the smallest text. The magnifier is perfect for stamp and coin collectors or simply to adorn your desk. The size is 26,5 cm and the diameter for the glass is 10 cm. The horn used is sourced ethically and is a by-product of the food and leather industry. No animal is killed to harvest this resource.
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Description du produit

Produit: Loupe 26.5x10 cm
N° art. 6699.280
Couleur: Marron
Taille (HxlxP): 26.5x10x2 cm
Materials Brass+glass
Diameter cm 10